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Russian-National-Anthem - Download Free Ringtones

This ringtone is availble in RTTTL/Nokring, Ringtone Composer, and Keypress Format. Russian-National-Anthem may also be available to download in Polyphonic Format. Russian-National-Anthem is brought to you by !

Download Free Ringtones Russian National Anthem:

Download Free Ringtones : RTTTL/Nokring Format

Russian National Anthem:d=4,o=7,b=125:2e, d, c, 2d, c, d, 2e, g, e, 1d, 2e, d, c, 2d, c, d, 2e, g, e, 1d

Download Free Ringtones : Ringtones Composer Format

Russian National Anthem:Tempo=125:2e3, 4d3, 4c3, 2d3, 4c3, 4d3, 2e3, 4g3, 4e3, 1d3, 2e3, 4d3, 4c3, 2d3, 4c3, 4d3, 2e3, 4g3, 4e3, 1d3

Download Free Ringtones - Key Press Format

Russian National Anthem:Tempo=125:39**, 28, 1, 29, 18, 2, 39, 58, 3, 299, 38, 28, 1, 29, 18, 2, 39, 58, 3, 299

    You are viewing the tone called  Russian-National-Anthem - If you like this tone, please feel free to download -  Russian-National-Anthem -free-ring-tones

    Featured Ringtone: Beatles - Hey Jude:

    RTTTL/Nokring Format

    Beatles - Hey Jude:d=8,o=5,b=180:g, e, p, e, e, g, a, d, p, p, d, e, f, c, c, c, b, g, a, g, f, 4e, p, g, a, a, a, d6, c6, b, b, c6, a, 4g, c, d, e, a, a, 4g

    Ringtones Composer Format

    Beatles - Hey Jude:Tempo=180:8g1, 8e1, 8-, 8e1, 8e1, 8g1, 8a1, 8d1, 8-, 8-, 8d1, 8e1, 8f1, 8c1, 8c1, 8c1, 8b1, 8g1, 8a1, 8g1, 8f1, 4e1, 8-, 8g1, 8a1, 8a1, 8a1, 8d2, 8c2, 8b1, 8b1, 8c2, 8a1, 4g1, 8c1, 8d1, 8e1, 8a1, 8a1, 4g1

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